The first incarnation of Element came in the form of a small collaborative company from the East Coast called Underworld Element. Most often referred to as Underworld, the company was inspired by the hip-hop movement and used a mixture of urban styles to reflect a raw and controversial vibe. Underworld's Atlanta based headquarters facilitated art, music and design for many creative individuals. Soon after its inception, the company was plagued with many challenges, the business began to collapse and its original crew had moved on.

Element alone stood for something totally different than it's previous life. It wasn't merely a name change, with a new iconic Tree Logo it was rebuilt from scratch. The negative was turned to positive, and Element was born. At the time, it was the antithesis of the industry and misunderstood. Through hard work, imagination and determination the tree began to grow.

Since its humble beginnings, Element was created out of passion and an unwavering dedication to making a positive difference. The tree continues to grow while it respects its deepest roots and embraces the landscape of skateboarding, and the lifestyle that surrounds it. From team riders to advocates, and product to marketing, Element is all inclusive, whose mission is to lead not follow, and leave an imprint deep enough, that it continues to make the world a better place.