Imperial Motion is a lifestyle brand based in Tacoma WA. Our brand is centered around the ideal, Never Established…Always Evolving.

 At the ripe old ages of 19, 19 and 14, founders Eric, Steve and Spencer simply thought, we can do it better. Not knowing anything about clothing production, having zero industry connections and only a hand full of credit cards to work with was the perfect formula to drop out of college and take over the parent’s garage. From day one, the brand has always been about the blind pursuit of our passion and the vision of what our brand would one day become. It’s this same pursuit of an Imperial standard that remains our driving force.

It was that same vision that brought us our business partners, sales reps, and brand ambassadors that make up the family we are today. Without their same belief and passion for the idea that you don’t have to be “somebody” to make something, we have been able to focus solely on creating a better product and running a better company in order to provide our customers with a brand that truly represents them.

Imperial Motion